Peer to peer sports betting solutions
Our P2P sports betting platform connects people to bet each other on sport events with real money
The players call the shots, set the odds, define the conditions and decide who will be able to bet.
The operator gets commission from the winners

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Data Feed

30,000+ Monthly real-time events
25+ Sport types
100 + Football leagues worldwide
In-Match data
Odds (optional)

In Play Bets

Whether it’s football, basketball or tennis, multiple choices are available for creating a live event bets or betting a friend’s bet slip in real time! Motivate your players to create and bet more and more by Offering a real time status of their bets: Current win/lose status, participants, odds & wager statistics and events in play feed.

Auto Retention

Getting bets from your players never was so easy! Every time your players will create a new bet they will promote it themselves, The losing players will always do the hard retention work for you and will encourage their friends to bet them again and again in order to earn their money back.

Risk & fraud

Use the most sophisticated systems to monitor and prevent money laundry by getting a built-in alerts, set your risk management according to the user’s location, country or any other parameter you choose. The system will block automatically any client with a suspicious behavior, using the most comprehensive and leading 3rd party platforms in the world.

Payment processing

Our system is set to get any payment / deposit / withdrawal request, using the most known payment solutions worldwide:

Friendly admin tools

Your managers will get a full and easy-to-use control panel to manage your players and drive them to be more active. All the data needed in one place: events, transactions, bets, KYC, promotions and much more! You can easily use your admin panel and use our features


Our platform is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authorities and it meets the high standard requirements for all major gaming & gambling regulations worldwide